Why You Should Install A Basement Egress Window

Victim's lives are not always claimed by direct flames or other accidents. There are times when it is being trapped with no easy access to an exit. You can improve your family's opportunity to survive in such a disaster when you have an emergency exit window installed in your basement.

Residential disasters like fire occur almost daily and many people lose their lives. Yet the possibility of these emergency situations occurring at home is something no one would like to think about. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to foresee any potential dangers and prepare a counterplan for such disasters. You can prepare a fire extinguisher or have a smoke detector installed at your home. For home or apartments with basements, you can secure your family's safety by installing a window egress and a window well in the basement.

A window egress is a window and an exit route. Egress windows are larger than the usual sizes of windows, and the local law states the size of the window wells. The kind of structure dictates the kind of egress window to be built. Window egress provides the benefit of allowing the house occupants an exit should a disaster occur, and it also allows the authority like police officers and firefighters inside the house.

Another benefit of an egress window in your basement is that it brings more light to a dark basement. A dark basement would be avoided as it does not serve much purpose and it becomes less functional that other rooms in the house. But when you let the light in through the egress window, the room become useful and you may use it as an extra living space. When your basement has an egress window, you can have more air enter the basement. An egress window well is a must have if you have a basement egress window installed as it will provide you with a way up to ground level. Your egress window well is based on the size of the egress window. Some homeowners opt for a ladder while other prefer terracing the wall so the ladder requirement is eliminated.

However, because Rockwell egress window wells are unsafe especially for kids, you need to cover the well with a grate or cover. There are plenty of good covers available in the market right now. Pick one that can be easily removed and will not be a hindrance when you are trying to escape. Another option is to construct a fence around the well so kids and animals are kept out.

Whatever your purpose may be for constructing an egress window, be it for additional space, beauty or increasing the value of your home, make sure that you comply with the requirements stated by the law. You may as well want to refer from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/draperies.